2 oz. Extra-Strength Scalp Activator

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 Amplify Your Results Without Hormones
If you’re over 30 and noticing a gradual thinning of your hair, you’re probably seeing the beginnings of age-related hair loss due to reduced blood flow through the scalp.  It happens.  We can’t be young forever.  As we age, the typical person looses up to 4% of the blood flow through the scalp.  This causes the hair growth cycle to become shorter over time leading to thinning.

Now you can reverse that effect with a topical, hormone-free product that visibly increases blood flow.  By boosting oxygenation, nutrient delivery, and cellular waste removal, Loesch® Extra-Strength Scalp Activator brings back your youthful appearance.

This product causes markedly increased blood flow to the scalp delivering oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to the follicles resulting in accelerated hair growth. May turn the scalp pink for 20-40 minutes, but lasts 12 hours to encourage dormant follicles to become active again. Use twice each day for maximum benefit.  Your scalp may not turn pink but if you put a drop anywhere else on your skin and it turns pink, the product is working properly.

INGREDIENTS:   Purified Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Methyl Nicotinate.